Glocalization, when the global becomes local

Climate change is hard to understand because it is a global phenomena. It might affect us, but we might not notice before it is too late. But a new trend, the so-called "glocalization" highlights the efforts we can make at a local level - especially when the heads of states are hesitating, or even withdrawing,… Continue reading Glocalization, when the global becomes local

Did you know that vegetables are growing below the streets of London?

Food waste is a world wide problem that needs to be solved quickly if we want to feed the next generation. Fortunately new technologies enable us to grow food in places otherwise impossible. Case in point: Growing Underground - a company based in London who are using World War II bomb shelters to grow vegetables.… Continue reading Did you know that vegetables are growing below the streets of London?

Plant a tree when you search the internet

How many times did you google something today? Hard to tell, right? For most of us, it is as natural as blinking, so we don’t think twice about it. But imagine if that almost unconscious web search could make a bigger difference? An innovative tech start-up in Berlin has done that. With their search engine,… Continue reading Plant a tree when you search the internet