If we want to be sustainable, we have to think circularly. Circular sustainability. Circularity. That’s us. (And we wanted to create a unique word as all unique people do – you know).

Thinking circularly means that everything is connected. We can’t just look forward and never look back. We live on a planet with limited resources and we should all have the means and space to live here. Climate karma some would call it. Or hippie talk. As you prefer!

It entails that we are responsible for all our actions, from when we wake up in the morning until we go to bed at night. I know, a daunting task. This blog will help you overcome with practical everyday tips, updates and – for the nerdy bunch – technical insights.

We are the new generation and we have to deal with past generations over-consumption. But let’s not be overwhelmed with this disadvantage. We have to do our best to counter it and pass on a planet in better condition for the generations to come. It might be ambitious, but if we do not shoot for the moon, we will never land among the stars. And besides, we have no choice. Polar bears are dying and water levels are on the rise – out to get you!

Lastly, a little disclaimer. We are two young, inexperienced writers/layouters/SoMe-managers, so we see this as a great learning experience. We want to know more about what we can do differently in our lives to help save the planet, and we thought that someone out there on the World Wide Web could benefit from our research too. However, it also means that we are only learning how to blog and layout (and all that jazz), so if things are not prime all the time, please bear with us.

If you have any comments or tips that you want us to share, please leave your comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Behind the screens

Maria Lentz-Nielsen wants to save the world. With a (almost finished) degree in political science she is now confused on a higher level of abstraction about how to really save it. The Circularity articles are her attempt to come down from the thin-aired theoretical altitudes back to earth and be precise and practical. Change is an action, not a theory.

Martin Lentz-Nielsen is passionate about all things tech and spends a lot of his time reading about the latest gadgets and trends in the tech world. He is first and foremost our Layouter-in-chief, but we might also be delighted with a few articles from his hand. When he is not layout-ing Circularity, Martin is studying to become an interaction designer with the end goal of cracking down on confusing products from toasters to television menus; because products that aren’t being used are the least sustainable ones.