Half of the biggest technology companies fail Greenpeace environmental report

One thing is how much energy an electronic device uses once it’s in your hands. A whole different story is how much energy has been used to produce it in the first place.

Greenpeace just released their Guide to Greener Electronics report comparing the environmental impact of 17 of the biggest electronics companies in the world.

To make it easy to see how green each company is, they gave them a grade from F to A, just like in American schools. The grades are based on the companies’ efforts in these three sub-areas:

Energy: Reduction of greenhouse gases through efficiency and renewable energy

Resource Consumption: sustainable design and use of recycled materials

Chemicals: Elimination of hazardous chemicals from both the product itself and manufacturing

Listed are the 17 companies and their individual score:

Fairphone: B

Apple: B-

Dell: C+

HP: C+

Lenovo: C-

Microsoft: C-

Acer: D+

Lg: D+

Sony: D+

Google: D+

Huawei: D


Samsung: D-

Amazon: F

Oppo: F

Vivo: F

Xiaomi: F

If this was a school class, more than half essentially failed. And this isn’t some algebra or biology class – it’s the future of our planet.

So please remember this when buying new electronic devices. We are all responsible for the products we buy.

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